Sea Lines Sea Partner Ro-Pax Vessel Black Sea Ukraine

Freight Information

Have a question about our freight services? Below you will find the answers to our most received inquiries.

Information coming soon.

General Information

General information, terms and conditions for freight customers.

  • The most cost-effective way to transport your units
  • Skip the ques and delays at the borders
  • Plan your operations around a fixed schedule with known departure and arrival times
  • Reduce the wear and tear on your trucks and trailers
  • Tax-free fuel at the Karasu Port
  • If you are traveling with your unit enjoy a good night’s sleep and enjoy hot food onboard our vessel
  • The most environmentally friendly way of transporting goods

The Port offer the possibility to take tax-free fuel before departure when transporting export cargo: Check todays price here.

First time traveling with Sea Lines?
Please provide official documents of your company details and you will get a Sea Lines Customer ID when making your first booking. Please also note if you want e-invoice or e-archive, and a contact for any eventual accounting queries. Finally, please also add and an email to receive your Customer Sailing Summary Report after every sailing where you have units onboard.

How do I make a reservation with Sea Lines?
Information coming soon.

Our frequent customer can get access to our online reservations tool called ‘Cargo Web’. If you haven’t received access and login credentials please get in contact with our sales department.

If you’re not a frequent customer you can email or call our customer service team to make your reservation.

How does the goods documentation process work?
Sea Lines is here to help. Our local teams in the ports are there to assist you, just for you to have a fast and smooth process.

To let us help you we request you to upload the goods documents to us in advance. You can do this on the goods document portal. This means we can handle your cargo units faster in the ports. If you don’t have the login to the portal please get in contact with our local customer service team.

Hazardous goods?
Please send the MSDS form when making your booking. If you have an account and login to the goods documents portal you should upload the MSDS and or IMO declaration in the portal.

Oversized unit?
Please make sure to book the correct measurements when making the booking.

Process for unaccompanied shipments, drop-off and pick-up of trailers and containers etc.
We have a long experience in working with unaccompanied shipments and have well established processes for condition recording and handling of unaccompanied units such as semi-trailers and containers.

For your cargo’s security you are requested to share information about drop-off and pick-up vehicle to us in advance. If you are a frequent customer you can do this on Cargo Web.

What is the price of traveling with Sea Lines?
See our rates for different units and shipments here.

What do I do if I need to change the travel date or cancel my ticket?
Please contact customer service to make the necessary changes.

Where do I need to go?
Follow the directions  to get the exact location and direction to our ports.

When do I need to be in the port?
You need to arrive in port before the Cut-Off stated on our Timetable.

Control your booking
Please make sure the correct unit and dimensions are shown on the Cargo Web or on your booking notification.

What do I do if I need to change anything on my booking?
Please change information on the Cargo Web or contact customer service.

All bookings can be tracked and followed on the Cargo Web.

If you don’t have access to the Cargo Web you can get this information by reporting your email when making your booking and you will automatically get a booking notification to your email. We also send out a Sailing Summary Report PDF to the same email (or another if you prefer) at the scheduled departure time with the units you have on board our vessel the same sailing. If you don’ get the Sailing Summary Report automatically sent to your email please contact our Customer Service Team.

Onboard the vessel we have passenger cabins for a good nights sleep, a restaurant, a bar and a duty free shop.

We accept Turkish lira, Romanian leu and Euro.

For our crew and passengers safety all our cabins are non-smoking.

Smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas.

Payments options:

  • Credit card payment online
  • Prepayment through bank account
  • Cash in Port
  • Credit Card payment in Turkiye

The freight payment needs to be confirmed and collected before the vessel arrives at the destination port.

If you are e-archive or not a registered company in Turkiye, the invoice will be sent by e-mail.

If you have any questions regarding payments or invoicing you can email our Finance department directly on ______.

Please find the claims handling guidelines here.