Sea Lines Sea Partner Ro-Pax Vessel Bosporus Turkey

About Sea Lines

Below you will find more information about Sea Lines and the history of Sea Lines.

Sea Lines has been operating on the Black Sea since 2011 and is today one of the leading ferry operators in the region. Sea Lines started in 2011 with the goal of “Bridging The Black Sea” through a scheduled ro-pax ferry service with a high frequency, reliability and punctuality.

From the start Sea Lines operated between the port of Haydarpasa in the central of Istanbul and Chornomorsk port in Ukraine. In 2019 the operations in Turkiye moved to the Port of Karasu on the Black Sea coast just outside Istanbul in the region of Sakarya. The brand-new state of the art Port of Karasu serves on a total area of 250.000 square meter and offers everything needed from a modern ro-ro terminal. The Port also offers export trucks the possibility to purchase tax-free fuel before departure.

In the spring of 2020 and 2021 Sea Lines did the first test sessions to open the new route between Turkiye and Romania. The intention was to get valuable information about the processes and port operations. This information is used to give the best possible service when the service starts on regular basis and with high departure frequency.